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What is mapping?

Mapping in RasterID helps user to transfer recognized data from drawing to EDA to archiving.
Mapping is generally a set of strings which helps to read and write data in EDA.


Do the following actions in RasterID 3.6:

Go to the Indexing Output dialog (the Tools menu), choose the Mapping

tab to create macros for the fields in the EDART template, or press

the button Template > Load and load the previously created ones.

Mapping is a set of triples:

• Source Macro – one of predefined macro function (see below for

the full list of Macros) or predefined user string.

• Destination Name – the attribute name used during data exporting.

• Current Value – the value of “Source Macro” that depends on the

processed file as well as on its contents.

You can add, remove or modify these triples.

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