Options in Plan-menu doesn't work in PlanTracer 6.0 for AutoCAD 2014,what to do?

Please uninstall the software from computer. Also from the registry (Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\CSoft\PlanTracer).
Kindly delete the installed folder if any from this path C:\Program Files\CSoft\PlanTracer 2014 for AutoCAD
Unload and delete the file of PlanTracer, from AutoCAD CUI editor
After that restart computer.

Please download the updated version of PlanTracer 6.0 from link below and install it.

After reinstalling if PlanTracer is not started automatically, please use APPLOAD command and load the .arx files from
C:\Program Files\CSoft\PlanTracer 2014 for AutoCAD\mg10 this path. Please put it in the contents,so that you do not have to repeat this step each time.

If PlanTracer started automatically with the splash image, please ignore this step.
After that, use MENULOAD command.
Unload the two .cui file
and browse the .cui files from attached file "PT6".
After closing it, you can view the "Plan" and "Raster Tools" menu will be appeared in the ribbon.
To access these features from menubar, use MENUBAR command and put value 1


Attachments: PT6.rar (385.3 kb)