What is the process of Sending License Request from another computer?

If the Network Service is unavailable from your computer, you can save the license request to a file and then send it from another computer. For this do the following:
1.Select the Save license request to file option in the Send Registration Data to Licensing Service dialog box and click the Next button.
2.In the dialog that appears box you should select a file format for saving your license request, and also the file name and location.
3.Click the Finish button in the All done dialog box, which contains the contact information.
4.Transfer this file to the computer from which your license request may be sent.
5.If your file was saved in EML format, then open it with your mail program and then click the Reply button to send this one. Do not change the content or subject of the original e-mail; otherwise this might cause an error in the licensing procedure.
6.If your file was saved in a text format, then transfer your license request to CSoft Development by fax with the note: "License request for product <your product name>".
After receiving an e-mail or fax containing the license file, you should restart the Registration Wizard; then choose the Activate license option in the Registration Wizard dialog box.