How to prepare an initial plan in WiseImage FM?

Preparation of the initial plan:-

If the raster plan is received directly after scanning, it is necessary to execute the following actions to increase its quality:

  •  Execute operations for raster correction such as Deskew, 4 Points Correction, Crop, Change Size and Resample;
  •  If the raster image is not monochrome (colored or grey, for example), then it should be converted to monochrome by Binarization;
  •  On the monochrome raster image, execute Speckle Remover, Hole Remover, Thinning, and Thickening;
  •  Clean unnecessary elements (for example – centrelines) from the raster plan.

If an initial plan is already vector, the program searches for objects on visible layers.

Therefore, all unnecessary elements should be moved onto invisible layers or removed from the plan.