There are three ways of creating floor-plans in PlanTracer:
1. Classical
 Draw Walls on the design sizes;
 Create Rooms;
 Create Flats and Floors;
 Place User Defined Objects;
 Set the dimensions on the plan;
 Automatically generate area formulas for Rooms of triangular and quadrangular form. For this purpose, select all such Rooms on the plan and click Update Room from the context menu;
 By using the tools of the Formula Composer, generate area formulas for Rooms of more difficult forms.
 By using the tools of the Formula Composer, correct area formulas for Rooms where the real sizes differ from the design sizes. In this case, the images of such rooms do not change on the drawing.
2. Complex contour
 Create Rooms and Floor by means of complex contours, applying the real sizes. Formulas for areas will be automatically created without the participation of the user.
 Transform to Walls the space between Rooms, and also between Rooms and the Floor;
 Create Flats;
 Place User Defined Objects.
3. Vectorizing of the paper plan
 Scan a floor plan from paper;
 Recognize Walls and other plan objects;
 The subsequent actions are carried out according to the Classical way of Floor plan creation