To create a Hole Table in nanoCAD

  1. We created two layers (Shaft, B&N) for two different types of hole and a sheet is created in the 0 layer.
  2. Some holes are drawn in Shaft layers and some holes are drawn in B&N layer as shown in the diagram below



 3. Note that lower left corner of the shaft should always be at 0,0,0 (UCS should not be moved from the original position).

4. Click on the Create Table tool the following window will open. Select Object based report option



5. Give a Title like Hole Table in the Title field and click on the Select… button. Select the holes by selecting a window and click Enter. The following window will appear.




6. After selection the following window will appear, showing the number of circles selected




7. Click on the OK button the following window will appear



 8. Click on the None to unselect all and now select Center X, Center Y, Center Z, Diameter and Layer and click on the OK button.

9. Place the Table on the desired position in the Model window.

10. Select the table and change the layer of the table and scale of the table, if necessary.



 11. Select the table and double click on it Table Edit window will appear




12. Click on the Layer and change the heading to Name. Select the column and click on the Left Arrow button to move the Column to the left, as shown below.




13. Click on the X button to save Table edit session. You can see the Table is edited to the desired format. As shown below