How to select text in a raster image at one go, using WiseImage?

Searches in monochrome image for Text Areas and moves the found areas to a new raster image.
The command can be applied to several images at once.

To separateText Areas:

  • Start the command from the menu or the toolbar.
  • Specify the Maximum Width and Text Height.
  • Set the ‘Text Orientation’ direction and ‘Overlapped Text’, and ‘Single Letters’ features to improve the text recognition quality.
  • To measure a raster object on the image, click the button and point at the object. The measured value is displayed in the corresponding box. 
  • Enter a layer name to Layer, where the created image should be placed.
  • Specify a color of the created raster layer. Click on a color sample in Layer and select a color from the dialog.
  • Click Apply.